We support

We support nonprofits

We are dedicated to promoting the ideas and technologies
that allow these great organizations to focus on what matters most!

We empower people

We empower people

Each and every one of us has the power to change the world.
We want to help you tap into that potential!

We raise

We raise social awareness

Did you know that you can raise funds and
help out in other great ways at zero cost to you?
Less than 1% of the population is acting on this.
Help us spread the word to change that!

Help Freely Foundation

An international nonprofit organization ready to support millions of nonprofits worldwide.
We help people learn how they can do more for the great causes they care about.


By making it easier for nonprofits to raise awareness and funds for their valuable projects.

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By showing how you can help. Plant trees while browsing the web, raise funds for free while shopping, donate to a fundraising event, use your social networks for good, volunteer...


By spreading the word with your help. We're building a future with your help. If we each do our daily good deed, we can make this world a whole lot better!


Through Helpfreely.org, we are supporting an online network that allows people to raise funds while shopping online at no extra cost. Thousands of online shops are ready to give a percentage of whatever you spend online to the causes that are important to you.


Read about us in the news, learn more on how you can help, and much more!